Do you have a car, a bike or a scooter?
Start to earn using it!

Build with us
fast delivery service
in Poland

Join our team
and start to deliver in 1 hour time

Become an Express Deliverer
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You do not own a vehicle?
Don't worry, we will share one with you :)

What the job of Express Deliverer is all about?

It’s a job for city driving lovers, who enjoy meeting people and appreciate active workday. Our deliverers pick up from close neighborhood various small packages and deliver them within the city using chosen vehicle (a car, a scooter, a bike). 

All tasks are assigned individually in user-friendly application, which makes execution easy and pleasant. Your work is supervised by helpful Operational Center which will solve any operational issue. 

A work with us

Own or shared vehicle

Decide if you want to work on your own or shared means of transport.

Flexible schedule

It’s you, who decide what is the most optimal number of shifts for you and which days you want to work. Thanks to that, you earn as much as you need.

Certain hourly rate

We reward you for every hour of activity in the Let's Deliver system, regardless of whether you have an order assigned or not.

Additions and bonuses

You will receive an additional money for a fuel and repairs, time spent on duties, as well as bonuses for work results and recommendations of your friends.

Helpful application

Thanks to which the details of each task are easily available, together with delivery tips. Whenever you want, you can check your ranking, the remuneration, reported availability, the schedule or you can inform us about possible absences

Clear rules

We set our expectations clearly and patiently explain the terms and conditions of cooperation.

Convenient forms of cooperation

Choose the best form of cooperation for you, and we will take care of the rest including explain everything patiently

It’s a job for you if

You are in good health and physical condition, and what’s more, you can’t stand sitting in one place a whole day.

You know how to move in the city

You love to ride around the city, you take a traffic jam easy and parking a car is a piece of cake for you

You love people and handing them different things make you happy too

Do you want to know more ? Check out the FAQ

Before you start, you decide how many days a month you want to work. Of course ,you are free to change the optimal number of working days at any time, adapting it to your current needs. In the Let’s Deliver application, you choose the days and hours you are available, and on this basis, we prepare a schedule for you.
You decide what form of cooperation is the best for you. You prefer B2B – no problem. You like B2C – sure!
Due to the fact that each supplier work with cash of our clients, our cooperation requires assurance. Thus, all contracts with our deliverers are secured with a certain amount of money, corresponding to the value of the equipment and the revenue collected by a person during a workday. The conditions are openly described in detail in the work contract.
If you use your own means of transport at work, you will receive a fuel allowance for each kilometer you make as LD Driver. The rate of the add-on depends on the mode of transport you are moving in. You will receive the money with the monthly salary or at any point of the time (in the form of an advance) - there is no risk that you will run out of money for fuel.
When you start to cooperation with us, we will open you an individual fund, which will be supplemented with extra money each month passes. It’s you, who decide when you want to use the money and what to spend it on. You can check the current status of the fund in the LD application.
In addition to the fuel and repair allowance, you will gain access to various other extras and bonuses. These include:: an allowance for on-call duty, a bonus for work effects, a bonus for an employee or client recommendation, and an allowance for conducting trainings
We are a young company in the phase of intensive growth, and we are honestly invest in our employees. If you are open to share your knowledge with others and you have good understanding of people, you will be probably aiming the role of a
Recruiter who select and train new Deliverer.. When your ambitions go to management, you have the chance to become a Team Leader and lead a team of several dozen Express Deliverers. If you dream about working at the Operations Center, you can try yourself in the role of Dispatcher, who manages the delivery chain. And what can be next? – it’s all upon you. Who knows, maybe you will open a branch of LD in another city with us?
It was created from a scratch in close cooperation with our Deliverers and has become a tool that makes daily work easier and even more enjoyable. The application does not require installation and you can use it on any mobile device. Thanks to this, you always have access to the details of the tasks you perform, delivery instructions or the best route to your destination. In addition, in the application you can check the statistics of your work, view your payroll, report your availability to work and check the schedule, or inform about your absence if you get sick. We are proud of LD application.
We try to make sure that each of our Deliverer can start a working day near home. Simply, at an appointed time, you get into the vehicle and log into the Let's Deliver app. You are ready to work, so you can start the execution of tasks assigned to you. Deliveries are made within the city's administrative boundaries, so (depending on the means of transport) you will cover between 80 and 160 km a day.
You will receive from us delivery containers, a good quality softshell jacket for the winter and a comfortable t-shirt for the summer. In addition, we will put on your car a subtle logo so that all our customers are sure that you are the Express Deliverer of Let's Deliver.
At work, you can use any mobile device with permanent Internet access. We know from experience, that an Android smartphone with 4” screen and 2GB data transfer package is just enough. We also recommend a handsfree set or bluetooth headset that will allow you to use the phone while driving and a holder in which you can conveniently place the phone.
You can choose the most convenient means of transport for you. Express deliveries can be made with a compact car, a small delivery van, agile scooter, or a shiny bike. You can be sure that packages and the route will be specially selected for the vehicle of your choice.
You can also work with us if you do not have your own means of transport. In that situation, you will work using a vehicle which was made available for you. There are several options, from renting a vehicle from LD on preferential terms, to cooperation with one of the Let's Deliver fleet partners. We will help you choose the most suitable and most beneficial solution.

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